Hey everybody!

My name is Eugeniya Ossetrova. I’m Fashion photographer | Art Director  | Designer from Russia.

My achievements over the past year:

More than 100 publications in fashion Magazines all over the world.

You can see my works at Insta. and my portfolio in VOGUE Italia 

Today I am also the main designer of the project FOTOreFORMA aimed to create and develop a special uniform

for professional photographers.

THE THE Mag | Milan, Italy 




Edith Magazine | CA  @edith_magazine

The Only One Mag @theonlyonemagazine

VERTIQLÈ | Melbourne, Australia @vertiqle.mag

No.8 Magazine @no8magazine

VZSN @vzsnmagazine

ICON | San Francisco, CA @icon_mag

CANdY Magazine | Mumbai, India

LYUN | London, UK @lyun.magazine

OVER Magazine | LA, CA @over_magazine


MODIC | @modicmagazine

TEENCRUZE | @stylecruze_teen

HORIZONT | @horizontmag

7Hues Magazine @7huesmag

#44, August 2019

RION Magazine | London, UK  @rionmag


VGXWMagazine | LA, CA  @vgxwmagazine

New Face Magazine | LA, CA  @newfacefashionmag

BeautyMute | Paris, France  @beautymute

STYLÉCRUZE Magazine | LA, CA  @stylecruze_magazine

PERIOD Magazine | Hong Kong, HK @period.mag

SALYSÉ Magazine | Columbia, MD @salysemagazine

ELEGANT Magazine | Riverside, CA @elegantmagazine

ART OF PORTRAIT | Chl, RU   @artofportrait_


IntELEGANCE @intelegance_magazine

The Fox 🦊 Magazine @thefoxmagazine



beauNU Magazine | Fredericksburg, VA  @beaunumagazine 


Bring Me | Russia  @bringmemag

Raw Magazine | Milano, IT @the_raw_magazine



Elléments | New York, NY   @ellementsmag

SHUBA MAGAZINE |NY, NY  @shubamagazine 


freshlyWORN Magazine | Vancouver, BC Canada  @freshlywornmag

Prolific Quarterly Magazine | Tampa, FL  @prolificquarterly

Picton Magazine | New York, NY  @pictonmag

Philocaly Mag | Chicago, IL  @philocalymag

POZA MAGAZINE | New York, NY @pozamag



B LOUDER Magazine  | India @bloudermagazine


MARTI Magazin | Zurich, Switzerland  @ch_marti


EVON | Vatican  @evonmagazine

FEROCE Magazine | Edinburg, Scotland  @ferocemagazine

PROVOCATORE | Moscow, RU  @provocatormag

RISE Magazine| Los Vegas , USA  @risemagazineop